Lets have some awesome features and glimpages of the destination you dreamed for..

The Ski Destination

Clifftop Club is located at over 10,000 ft above sea level. Excellent ski slopes and state of the art ski lifts have placed Auli as an important destination for skiing and snow sports.

The National Winter Games were conducted in Auli this year (in 2007) and the next year will see a lot of infrastructural development in view of the SAF Winter Games to be conducted here.

Nanda Devi &
Gorson Reserve Forest

Clifftop Club provides an uninterrupted 270 degree view of Nanda Devi and adjoining ranges. A short trek takes you to Gorson Reserve Forest where you can revel in the magnificent sunrise and views and experience walks in dense alpine forest terrain. The exciting ride in a cable car from Joshimath to Tower number 8 is the highlight of your arrival at the resort. Magnificent views of snow-clad peaks and vast open expanses of snow or grass slopes add to the thrill. Adventure seekers can also avail the open chair lift ride from the government run GMVN property to tower number 8 or 10.

Gorson Reserve Forest is located off Tower number 10, which can also be accessed by a short trek up the slopes. Magnificent views of sunrise can be enjoyed here. A short walk in the dense alpine forest takes you to Chhatrakund, a frozen lake.


You can soothe your tired muscles after a trek to Tapovan by bathing in the hot springs there.

A day trip to the holy shrine of Badrinath can be made possible if one rises early to avail the first gate of departure at Joshimath. The road from Joshimath to Badrinath is a one-way drive, being narrow, steep and treacherous. A convenient "gate system" regulates up and down traffic to and from Badrinath. Many elite pilgrims to Badrinath prefer to stay at Clifftop Club, Auli and make a day trip to the temple by car only to return to Clifftop Club to soak in the ambience of the bonfire nights overlooked by Nanda Devi and adjoining peaks.

July to September sees trekkers to the Valley of Flowers making stopovers at Clifftop Club to experience the luxury of lavish cuisine and luxurious accommodation with our pampering to end the trek on a high note.


The Valley of Flowers is a high-altitude Himalayan valley that has long been acknowledged by renowned mountaineers, botanists, and in literature. It has been recognized internationally for over a century and is referenced in the Hindu religion. Local people have visited the valley since ancient times. Indian yogis (Yogesh Mota) are known to have visited the valley for meditation.

The Valley of Flowers has many different colourful flowers, taking on various shades of colours as time progressed. The valley was declared a national park in 1982 and now it is a World Heritage Site.